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New Moxie Mixie for Hyponik.

Resident Selector: Moxie

2010 has been a vintage year for 24 year old Alice ‘Moxie‘ Moxom. As the year draws to a close, the young dj currently sits in the respectable position of resident at one of London’s finest club nights, Deviation, is the first woman to have played a set at Brixton’s dubstep mecca DMZ, has been making waves with mixes for the likes of Kiss, and seen the ATG graffiti/design/party collective take their inimitable style to America for a whistlestop tour of New York and LA.
Having put together a diverse mix for us, taking in some of the best electronic music of recent years in the form of Underground Resistance, Masters At Work, Peppe Braddock, Moodyman, Mala, Zomby and more, we emailed over a few questions to see what’s next in store for the London representative.
Inteview// Louis Cook
Photography// William Biggs
So, for anyone not yet acquainted with Moxie, tell us who you are, where you’re from and what it is you do?
Hello, my name’s Alice, some people know me as Moxie which is my DJ name. I’m from London and have grown up here my whole life. I dj in and around the UK as well as Europe and the US and am a member of the ATG crew. I also just graduated from London College of Communication earlier this summer and work alongside Radio 1 presenter Benji B on all things Deviation related.
You represent the musical side of the ATG graff crew with Elvee, Rack N Ruin, Klose One & Session Noises. Panik and other writers have well and truly stamped their authority on London in recent years – what makes up the ATG aesthetic, and how did you get involved?
The original ATG boys have been friends of mine since i was about 18, i met them on a coach going to Glastonbury and since then we’ve been mates. ATG isn’t just the names above, for me it represents all of our friends. Obviously there are the core members but for me ATG is something that represents what i love about London, from the art to the music. We’re a crew that all work very hard at what we do, which is now starting to show. Take Klose One for example who was that DJ you would see play at every house party in London, finally he’s starting to get the recognition that he deserves and is playing all over the world. When you see your friends doing well after so long it’s a real sense of achievement as we’re all in this together.
How do you go about building your sets? What would you say represents the ‘Moxie sound’, and who have you found yourself pulling for recently?
Well it all depends on who’s booked me… I’m influenced by a lot of genres of music from hip-hop to Detroit techno, the sound that connects what i play is soul. One of my fave tunes at the moment is LV ft Okmalumkoolkat ‘Boomslang’, you can’t help but not dance to that! I’d say three artists that sum up my sound would be Ramadanman, Jay Dilla & Masters At Work.
You’re the first and only girl to rock the booth at Brixton’s fabled home of dubstep, DMZ . How did it feel on the night, and how did you get the call? Is there anything you remember playing that went down particularly well?
Well I found out the day before when I was on my way to Brighton. Loefah had spoken to me about it at Outlook
over a drunken conversation, thing is I didn’t think this was going to happen so soon after we got back.
I think with me only having a couple of hours to prepare it made me just get on and do it, rather than feeling anxious and nervous up until the date. I have to say it was a extemely intimidating experience because I had a room full of boys staring at me with their arms crossed and then Mala and Loefah standing right behind me! But towards the end of my set, when the room had packed out I didn’t wanna leave the decks. I started with dubstep and built it up into the more housey tempo stuff and then by the time i played Breach ‘Fatherless’ the crowd were really going for it, That’s the one that got pulled back. I’ve been invited back to play a main set which I can’t wait for, which will probably be next year sometime.
Are there any other female UK bass djs/producers we should be keeping an eye out for?
Elvee who is also a member ATG is an extremely talented dj/ producer, I know she’s been locking her self away in her studio so expect some releases from her next year. Then of course you have Ikonika, The Steppahs, Kito, Cooly G, DJinn and Josey Rebelle who plays across the board – she’s similar to me in some respects.
You’ve recently returned from a trip to the states where you played at the Swamp81 party in Brooklyn with Loefah, Kode9 and Falty DL. How was the party, and how did you find the crowds in the states?
New York was a great experience. We’d just arrived from LA early in the morning and as soon as I landed into NY I felt at home. I love NY as a city so being able to play out there was a great experience, especially playing alongside Loefah, Kode, Falty & the ATG fam. We played in a club called Deity which is similar to where we host Deviation in London, basically an intimate venue with good sound and low lighting. A lot of British people came out that night along with a lot of people that were curious about the Swamp 81 label, so was an interesting crowd that were there for the music.
Do you have any plans for production?
At the moment i really want to concentrate on being the best dj i can be. I do have plans for production but for now it’s one thing at a time.
Outside of music, who are you and what are your interests?
I’m currently in the process of setting up my website that will include a portfolio of my work which is mostly print/graphic design based. Also on there i’m going to have links to all my music stuff including mixes, up and coming shows and the like – I’m looking to have that go live early next year so watch out for that!
You help Benji B run Deviation, undoubtedly one of London’s very best club nights. What makes Deviation special to you?
I feel very proud to be involved with Deviation as it’s truly my idea of a perfect club night. The night is never about one genre of music, it’s only about good music whether it be Skream playing boogie, Flying Lotus playing leftfield dubstep or Theo Parrish playing everything in between. The night is all about having fun and hanging out with your mates. We have one of the best crowds in London, as everyone who comes is all about positive vibes whether they’re 18 or 40. Deviation is something I look forward to every month, and it’s great seeing everyone have a good time, it makes all the hard work worth it.
Benji’s set to takeover from Mary Anne Hobbs on the experimental show, what do you think he’ll bring to the position?
I think Benji was naturally the perfect choice as his previous 1Xtra show linked in very close to Mary Anne. I didn’t realise how much I would miss her being on our radio waves until she left but I think Benji is doing a great job of filling her boots, which may I add are big boots to fill! Benji definitely brings a new dynamic to the show yet represents everything Mary was pushing for. To be honest I think it’s about time Benji had a show on Radio 1.
Do you see MAH as a big influence on yourself?
The reason i found out about Benji was via a cover show for MAH, so in that respect I have a lot to thank her for. There are a couple of radio shows that I listen to regularly, Mary’s being of them. She would always strive to find new and exciting artists that a lot of people wouldn’t give a chance. The DMZ special was definitely not one to be missed along with the Kode 9 & Burial mix that aired on her final show. The El-B tunes in that mix are amazing, I can’t wait for those to come out.
Your profile has really raised over the past year with mixes for Kiss, an appearance on Rinse FM and numerous festival appearances – what do you have planned for 2011?
This year has been a great year and I’ve achieved some things that i feel very proud of and some that I never thought would happen, so I think it’s all about working hard and aiming to be the best you can which is how I’ll approach next year as well. I always have a few personal targets that I’m working towards and some possible opportunities that i can’t really talk about quite yet. Right now I just want to share the music that i believe in, that’s what being a djs all about right?

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FREE Exclusive Nicky Blackmarket mix for Download

Ahead of his set at this year’s massive Urban Nerds x ATG NYE warehouse party, we’ve managed to grab a very rare exclusive mix from legendary drum & bass DJ and the pioneering founder of London’s BM Records, the master himself…Nicky Blackmarket!

Giving a 30 minute sneak preview of what’s to come at the warehouse, Nicky delved deep into his record collection (we’re loving the fact this was mixed on pure vinyl) and dug out classic D&B and jungle cuts from champions like Congo Natty, Zinc, Shy FX and Mampi Swift. This was recorded LIVE in London at Solarity's studio and it’s great to hear the crackle of dubs in a mix again!
In 1992, as the house scene moved towards breakbeat, Nicky created a separate department downstairs to cater for the sound that would eventually be called Drum and Bass. In the mid-nineties he moved into production, making his first record ‘Spam EP’ along with various remixes and releases on his label Gyroscope, with artists like Ray Keith. This exposure fuelled his DJ career and Nicky decided to put all his efforts into playing his music around the world. "First and foremost I am a DJ." As the jungle scene exploded Nicky formed his legendary partnership with the late Stevie Hyper D. These performances are still regarded as the standard by which all others are judged, and mp3s of those sets will probably be on the Internet forever!
1. Gang Related \ Mask - Concentration
2. Sound of The Future - Dual voltage (DJ SS 99’ Remix)
3. Q Project - Champion Sound
4. Twisted Individual - Wales
5. Mampi Swift – Trippin
6. Moving Fusion - The Beginning
7. Congo Natty – Champion DJ (99 Remix)
8. Mask – Square Off
9. L Double – Bass Control
10. Ray Keith – Dark Soldier
11. Shy FX – The Message
12. Mampi Swift – Hi Tek
13. DJ Hype – Long Dark Tunnel
14. Dot Shot - For The Cause
15. Gang Related \ Mask – Ready Or Not

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Zagreb 08

New Dirrrtee Look Book

NYE Taster

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NYE Flier for Hyponik

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RACKNRUIN'S........."Do One Anthem" ******FREE DOWNLOAD*****

Do One Anthem  - RackNRuin ft. MCs Illaman & Flirta D

To get the party crew bubbling ahead of this year’s mammoth Urban Nerds X ATG NYE warehouse rave, we are giving away the Do One Anthem, produced by RackNRuin ft. MCs Illaman & Flirta D…FREE!

ATG resident DJ & producer RackNRuin dropped the massive dirty dutty stinking bass fuelled Do One anthem last year, telling the world to Do One! Do One! with the help of ATG resident spitters, Illaman (Tomb Crew, Urban Nerds) and legendary grime motor mouth, Flirta D! Featuring one of RackNRuin’s trademark bass lines that comes correct with a dubstep dipped electro sound, this is the party banger you need pon your iTunes to get hyped for this year’s  NYE Celebration where you can catch RackNRuin on a very special live set with MC Navigator!

Download the Do One Anthem FREE Get it on your iTunes!!!

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Shot of RackNruin and Navigator by Josh MG



Noisses EP 'Show Them' Featuring Hollie Cook, out on Bullet Train Records 6th Dec 2010.

Have a sneaky listen to previews HERE

DEN&CENTRO (Formely TheEnd)

Venice Beach

SF, NYC Jams



6am Serbia, EXIT 07

After one of the maddest train journeys for a while...


Photos by Datachump

Ills, Klose and Ratty

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Axwell I found u ~(High contrast remix)~

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Kentish Town


Photo by Cambosh

RackNruin Territory EP Artwork

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'We Love London' from Downtown Lowranking!

Free RackNruin Christmas MIx!

RackNRuin Fat! Xmas 2010 Mix by RackNRuin

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Panik @ Pure Evil...

Thanks to everyone that passed by! Shows open until the 28th for the people that could'nt make the opening.