Thursday, 30 April 2009

Off GraffLondon ive been told, some people got time on their hands!!! LOL

ATG mounted an expedition to south london once. in north london it was widely believed that crossing the thames was impossible, but with their gung ho islington spirit and a final cup of earl grey, the chaps set off southwards. by all accounts they found a way across the river, but no one knows how. despite coming under constant attack from the pale faced, voodoo practicing gypsies that inhabit the barren wastes south of the river, they finally got to streatham common and planted a flag signifying that they had conquered this awful place. after a triumphant "huzzah!" and a bit of back slapping, not to mention the last satisfying mouthfuls of their panini rations washed down with mummies homemade pimms, they set their bearings for home. unfortunately, its reported that things started to go wrong at this point. its thought that rest and harm succumbed to the inhospitable terrain somewhere around elephant & castle, running out of oxygen. the air was too thin for their delicate lungs you see. the others bravely carried on, making it as far as london bridge before disaster struck again. rayds was kidnapped by bandits and never seen again. some say they took him to a football match - leyton orient v millwall - but the horrors that he must have witnessed at such a place are too dreadful to think about. thankfully, the rest of ATG made it back safely. they didn't do any graffiti for about 10 months in 2005, in order to recover from this ordeal.


  1. Probably the funniest bit of text i've read this year! The sad thing is, its all true!

  2. Anonymous1.5.09

    "rayds was kidnapped by bandits and never seen again"

    hahaha. Wondered where he got to.

  3. Anonymous1.5.09

    he went to see millwall vs leyton orient didnt you read it numbnut