Wednesday, 20 May 2009


When I first came across this site, I stayed up the whole night straight. Its amazing, dont know why I never put it up before. Any new school writer or anyone in fact who has not found this yet, you need to study it and study it like its your gcse English exam. I wish I had studied English like I studied this site (I might not be such a loud shirty vagrant) . I remember seeing the ELK blocky at Royal Oak when I was 10, it was what got me wanting to go out there and paint long before it was covered by some brainless burnerchrome streak of gash piss. Theres walls on the site from as early as 1985 the very year I was born that we have ended up painting over 20 years later.

You may have noticed that over here at the ATG treehouse we are not very vocal about our feelings, but this site deserves all and more. CHECK IT


  1. Anonymous22.5.09

    This site is fucking ridiculously good.
    I thought, ah well ill check it out, and i ended up now, even though i got shit loads to do, spending probably over 3 hours studyin the early days of graff.

    Wicked site, thanks for linking it.
    The site basically defines all graffiti in UK from the moment it started, to the moment it became flipping difficult to paint tubes and that

    not surprided you spent all night on it,
    those old days without motion sensors must have been the real glory days, chilling in yards, racking paint real easy, they had it sweet in many ways. the interviews are sick as well, give insane descriptions of how they started up.

    Nice one ATG
    but really, the old schoolers on this site were the ones who were 'ahead of the game'

    ha ha ha nah nah nuff respect to panik and elmo and rest of atg

    from oxford,

  2. Anonymous29.5.09

    i just sent dren a link to this he will be well chuffed ... big up dren big up dest ......