Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sub DDS Tee's coming soon... From somewhere, apparently!

Found on TopDogHipHop


  1. Anonymous26.5.09

    you can keep em, possibly the lamest thing in the world, over rated nonsense

  2. Anonymous27.5.09

    lol...fuck wearin that shit

  3. Anonymous27.5.09

    ^^^ wowee what a pair of pricks you both must be. no ones saying you have to wear the shirt but show some respect for the single most dedicated bomber in the history of London. have you been around for more than 10 mins?

  4. Anonymous28.5.09

    you'd wear an atg shirt but you wouldnt wear this? fucking toys

  5. Anonymous28.5.09

    Who said I would wear an ATG shirt?, Did it say that??? No so shutup

  6. Play nice! Can't we all just get along!? Unless you deliberately read ATG's blog to make yourselves angry and leave bitchy comments...dayum?

  7. fuck how did i end up here?

    Im sure people can make that TShirt themselves, I mean its just a random doodle on fabric...or do my simple eyes miss something?

  8. Anonymous31.5.09

    haha a random doodle, are you for real.
    yh he deserves respect but id never been seen wearing something from another writer

  9. Anonymous1.6.09

    if you wouldnt wear something by another writer its probably cos youre not secure enuff in your own fame. a dope writer can wear another dope writers shirt and pull it off. on a toy it just looks like they are begging it