Wednesday, 3 June 2009

ATG > everyone else - An Empire Strikes Back...or something.

I'm walking into the lions den here. You, the graff mafia, are the lions and I am the potty-mouth kitten skipping mindlessly to my death. But before you toss me away like a used tampon why not throw a bitch a bone here.

ATG is more than just a graff crew, that much is obvious. They're not riding the brief wanker wave of street art going overground when overexcited Shoreditch trendies creamed their pants over a piss-poor stencil of Gordon Brown getting bummed by a monkey or summat. An ATG may get buffed while the chimp sodomy creation gets flogged as 'public art' but we all know who has more integrity. It's a quiet and well established legacy you'll unknowingly be a fan of if you live in London...Unless of course you are blind, in which case stop wanking.

Though the graffiti world runs side by side with music and fashion culture it somehow always seems to get less attention, maybe its the veil of anonymity that its worked behind or it lacks the bravado and attention seeking of spitting bars. So what the fuck am I getting at you ask?

Well its pretty clear that the boys are branching out and have had their fingers in lots of opportunity pies- clothing pies, music pies, putting on nights where people get wonky and fall over pies, gallery pies etc. etc. But while they're not busy fingering pies, every up and coming empire needs a voice, truesay? So here be beauty on brick work, trains, tees and in galleries from ATG and I be ummm mouthiness? And I know how you anonymous commenters love to share your opinion/ leave hate so lend me your thoughts. What do you wanna hear from ATG? Can y'all read or want to read? Interviews? Rants? Deep analysis of tags on dustbins? I'm at your service so tell us what you want to read...or tell me to fuck off innit.



  1. Anonymous4.6.09

    yes yes fuertes!!! doin it

  2. Anonymous4.6.09

    Giant chrome and coversall penis tracksides.


  3. Long live Graff! Everywhere !

  4. Interviews, and spotlights on upcoming talent. Where to go to see the best pieces in and around London and a greater insight into the scene and its inspirations and dont worry no underboob shot is needed.

  5. I was told if I commented on this I'd get shown part of some tits. Times are tough, y'all, and I'm a beggar not a chooser.

  6. food recipes pls


  7. Rants and stories about missions. More in progress photos. THat sort of stuff.

  8. Anonymous4.6.09

    More stuff about Curtain or whatever his name is.......

  9. Haaaaahaaaaa! Yuss! I def agree- spotlights and bios and interviews, focus on up and comers.

    Shockingly unimpressive underboob shots all round...except for you Mike...never for you. Go wank into a sock. Jokes. <3

  10. Anonymous4.6.09

    more nice writin like this, more nice writin on walls. definately work in progress stuff, studio projects, up'n'comers.

    big respect to atg.

  11. I want stories about your vag please. Oh and interview INSA please - the baddest rapher EEEVVUUURRR.

    KTANKS, Oh and under boob shots purlees.

  12. Anonymous4.6.09

    ^yeah if you can somehow damage the internet by writing blog posts, i'd like to see it.

    failing that, get Rest to log on and explain himself. why he no paint no more?

  13. Anonymous4.6.09

    I think I'll just tell u to fuck off

  14. Anonymous4.6.09


  15. Anonymous4.6.09

    stories bout ur camel hoof and graf. Graf of ur camel hoof? that would do damage!

    been reading ur blog on and off now and I personally like ur writing so keep at it ms. knight!!

  16. Anonymous4.6.09


  17. Anonymous4.6.09

    ketamine damage

  18. Anonymous5.6.09

    Mate there is already some phukka stuff on this blog anyway,
    am checkin it often, and lateley, coverage of 'Rocking the city' website (which I studied extensivley after seeing link) and the very recent drawings by 'Hate' at age 16 are quite inspiring, mate, anything ATG do seems to fascinate me, but its true, coverage of a cupple of bait missions, trains,roadside pieces, even a video. Lots of text is good. Stories of paniks roof tops is one i'd like to see. He probably went solo and wore high vis, and blagged he was an electrician....

    details on up and coming days where writers can come see ATG paint/see pieces; if it legal or not, wud happily paint a roofttop with a ATG members one day

    peaaaaceeeeeee, OI! Crew

  19. Anonymous5.6.09

    far too many rants on the internet for my liking (makes everyone look like dumb thirteen year olds)jus keep doin what you're doin but don't get those fingers "too" far up those opportunity pies..

    Big Up the A.T.G each and every..

  20. Anonymous7.6.09

    Look right the reason ATG get so much stick from london writers like me & my counterparts is that yous just fell off, you were smashing it streets tracks had a few tubes then dead, I haven't seen any fresh illegals frm ATG since 06 except Elmo. Yh all respect that ATG are trying to make money but London writters cannot stand exploitation. Do your thing but ATG cant be living of their past fame for the next 5 years. Get out and do summin and dont think your above the rest of us.

  21. Anonymous7.6.09

    We dont think we are above anyone thats all we have ever heard, all that hype is created by the scene. Graff has made us who we are and we will always do it, were not gonna smash it like we did our whole lives that was a full time job and lives change. We are still doing our thing and we still live our letters. People have to open there minds and stop holding on so tightly to unhealthy counterproductive ideals that keep the new school from fulfilling there true potential.