Friday, 3 July 2009

GLASTO 2009!!

this year has to be dedicated to Nema and danny b, the poor german exchange student who lost his mind on acid up on the stone circle hahahahahahahahahahah. peace love and hippy crack


  1. you were uppp this year guys...think u were camping very close to me aswell. safe!

  2. Anonymous4.7.09

    that guy on acid was gone to new levels
    he thought there was "creatures" crawlin up from the ground an shit.. madness


  3. i dont spose this is the same bug out guy wearing the read spandex leggings? cos he was new levels..

  4. Anonymous11.7.09

    hey, have u guys been to nottingham fairly recently? cos i saw a real clean panik straight letter dub today on some rooftop fairly close to mansfield road, or there abouts. let me know, cos id like to see more pics of anthing else u did while u were here.