Friday, 7 August 2009



  1. Anonymous7.8.09

    pretty petty, and those were definitely my favourite pieces on that line. Kind of doing the buff job for the company. GSD will always be on a hype, and you go and rise to that nonsense. I'm not angry; I'm just dissappointed.

    Anony mouse

  2. Anonymous7.8.09

    Fuck that! anon mouse they took out nuff ATG plots around what do you expect them to do just take and take it. Its not like them to do it but theres blatantly a line you pussy.

  3. Anonymous8.8.09

    yes they should of gone to one of your gsd club nights.

  4. Anonymous8.8.09

    gsd are allowed to take out atg because everyone knows atg are just little artfag gallery fassies.

  5. Anonymous8.8.09

    Anony Mouse rolls up sleeves.

    There's being a pussy, and then there is calling somebody a pussy over the internet- anonymously.

    With a bit of luck, there will be a good old fashioned fist fight- and we can all get back to what is done best.

    May the best mans win.

  6. Anonymous8.8.09

    atg are faggots gsd all the way

  7. poor atg getting dogged by GSD bully boys!

    Great Stickers , Tshirts and GSD clubnights lads.

  8. Anonymous10.8.09

    all im seein on here is nuff hatein on atg cos there doin it nuff jealousy

  9. Anonymous10.8.09

    You took down the GSD throws you lot capped? Why?

  10. Anonymous10.8.09

    jealousy and bullying
    ?!? have a look at this tell me it aint a liberty

  11. Anonymous10.8.09

    You idiots thats a fake blog GSD set up to make ATG look like biters, check it theres no followers nothing. Cant really believe you put all that time in fuck...

    This is the real one-

  12. Anonymous11.8.09

    Shit, cant believe someone would put in all that time to make a fake blog, just so they can create an excuse to start beef with someone?? SAD, VERY SAD.

    They say that beef can help the profile of the people involved, and more often than most it will help the person who really NEEDS that help, do the math, pure jealousy and a want/need to be noticed, equals loads of time wasted making fake blogs and dogging good graff, nothing but negative.

    "Back in 2009 I wasted mine and loads of other peoples time by dogging good graff and getting my graff dogged, then making fake blogs so it looks like I had a reason" -WHAT A SHIT STORY TO TELL YOUR KID'S/GRANKID'S.

    What is it Goat Squad/GSD hope to gain from all this? answers on a postcard please.........

  13. Anonymous11.8.09

    If you wanna hate, hate this too then.....

    Cause this is on the same petty level...

  14. Anonymous11.8.09

    has anybody else realised that neither of those blogs posted have absolutely anything to do with the crew involved? if not then wow.

  15. Anonymous11.8.09

    dogging good graf?! ATG is not good graf, its trendy bullshit that gets posted on this blog as soon as its done, then used to sell t-shirts and electronights.

    GSD on the other hand have been painting proper graf for YEARS, painting trains all over the world, dels akt oker were some of the most up for years... there is no comparison.

  16. Anonymous12.8.09

    GSD GoatSquad and this GetShitDone website have got nothing to do with each other

  17. Anonymous12.8.09

    no messing around oker and them have smashed it to bits for years but one one can write atg off as just some sell out art fags thay have done years of real graff and give london a kick up the arse 2002.03.04 so what thay done a few gallery shows so has vibes skore petro and coutless others dose thats make them pussy sell outs? theres sub t-shirts zomby t-shirts out there every fuckers on it these days


  18. Anonymous12.8.09

    see a ATG - Edding - Secretwars ad in graphotism, lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. Anonymous12.8.09

    GSD GoatSquad and this GetShitDone website have got nothing to do with each other

    ah that makes it alright then !
    thanks for clearing that up atg..
    now where can I get some of those gsd stickers or tshirts chump?

  20. Anonymous12.8.09

    real writers shouldnt really get their knickers in a twist about ATG... the only people who actually respect ATG nowadays are private school kids and trendy bandwaggoners who dont know the difference.

  21. Anonymous12.8.09

    Havent seen any of them for a while now but

    Actually ATG have a lot of respect from writers who saw what they did in there time, they certainly put in the years and effort noone can deny that and are still up more then most writers out at he moment the fact it is 4 years later and everyone is still talking about them and still hating, nothing has changed really.

    GSD you are much older and should be wiser then getting so noticeably worked up by this getstuffdone 10 a penny blog.

  22. Anonymous12.8.09

    ooh i know, ATG should be really upset with themselves for 'selling out' or as some people call it 'feeding themselves and putting clothes on there backs"

  23. Anonymous13.8.09

    the selling out argument is soooo tired. at the end of the day there probably is'nt a single writer in the world who would turn down spending a day painting their "graffiti art" on someones property for the equivalant of a months wages working in tesco's.
    it's easy to call someone a sell out if you've only been bombing/painting the city for a few years, work a dead job and have never been given the oppurtunity to make some money doing what you love.
    people should realise that it's bigger than ATG GSD, bigger than LONDON, bigger than UK and bigger than Graffiti.......people need to stop the hating and get on with a thing called life. There both good crews that should concentrate on doing their thing rather than drag each other down with immature bullshit. peace

  24. Anonymous13.8.09


  25. Anonymous13.8.09

    atg=forward thinking positive crew that actually live in the 21 century.

    gsd=living firmly in the past wishing they were cap 1

    both crews should go out and do some more graff though

    from the middle class mediator

  26. Anonymous13.8.09

    as said earlier there are loads of writers out there "selling out".... people who sell graff and dont ever even paint illegally let alone should be able to call themselves writers.... so why dont you go hate on them? because your sheepish pussys who dont have your own oppinion. your oppinions are formed by the cocks that you are sucking.

    infact why hate at all? because you are JELOUS!

    calling someone gay/artfag/posh or whatever is another way of saying "i cant beat you any other way" the focus and energy you heads put on ATG shows that they hurt your ego.

    you haters need to go suck on your mums tit and realise that atg, let alone the rest of the world dont have to live there lives by your rules because you dont own graff, you dont own shit. so go moan your jelous moans to your mates and drink down another beer you insecure shits.

    fucking fundemental graffiti fascists.

  27. Anonymous13.8.09

    i like atg, but gsd are also proper sick.
    one of the reasons why they always win beef tho is cos they mostly do all there pieces in the yards, so all they can lose are fill-ins and tags, which they replace with fill-ins and tags, nothing to lose, all to gain.

    atg aint sell outs anyway, they do there thing, like gsd do there thing, both king crews

  28. Anonymous21.8.09

    ATG know most of GSD, GSD just take the piss cos they know they can, ATG will never win and they know it but still theyre putting up a fight which is what most of you internet faggots say they lack, it only makes london graff a bit more interesting so let em at it.

    By the way anyone see that ATG GOT SMALL DICKS, pretty funny but mugged themselves off at the same time

  29. Anonymous4.9.09

    Graffiti is all about self (and crew) promotion to the public.

    So selling out your Art/Graffiti to buy more paint and continue painting, is just another form of self/crew promotion, but better

    Imagine Henri Mattise running in a Pablo Picasso exhibition with a paintbrush and vandalising his works. They probably would have some sort of sword fight to settle it.

    Do you Atg/GSD Shoreditch mans settle it with a blade in nowadays? doubt it

    More roof peices !

  30. Anonymous7.2.10