Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Comment of the month!

"Fuck atg bunch of artfag cunts who can only paint because they practiced in there backyards for 2 years, and i no this because my brother is best mates with the owner of this so called bad atg! and yes they have painted steel but not for years! they used to pay neas and the dpm boys to do there outlines, if they didnt have cash they would pay in cans, also atg are known smackheads korsa even told me this from birmingham and everyone knows he is a stupid skaghead, yes he can paint but he cant live a normal life!!"

What so......... like ....... you tryna hate or suttin?

Neas I think we still owe you for some of them reaches you set us, loowe itttt.


  1. Anonymous9.9.09

    hahahah wat neeks nuf jeluss hahah hold tite atg al the way WATTTTTTTT

  2. Anonymous9.9.09

    hmm not too clever knocking korsa, that one´ll get back to ya.

  3. hahaha fuck haterz & rumorz ( if he even heard... )
    Saw a roof with an elmo atg logo and a "pler" silver on a rooftop... He told me about that night ;)
    Nice log btw...

  4. Anonymous10.9.09

    My brothers mates with him and he said blah blah blah and Korsa said blah blah blah and then i turned around and said and then she turned around and said and then i turned back around and said and then she turned back around and said and then i turned around and she had gone!

    What a fool.

  5. Anonymous10.9.09

    suck out you raging peedo who has never even seen a girls face let alone gash

  6. Anonymous11.9.09

    Internet Winksters!
    What he said^
    ATG keep doing what you are doing, don't listen to these losers. The only thing most these boys are doing with letters is eating cold Alphabet soup out of the can with a plastic spoon. : )

  7. Anonymous11.9.09

    someone should stamp on that cunts face just for hyping off, you should bow the fuck down and show some gratitude towards ATG! What a silly sod, kids aye...(tut)