Thursday, 3 September 2009

Solvent Abuse Part 17


  1. InTRoooo4.9.09

    Fucking smashed it!

  2. Anonymous7.9.09

    oi i dont usually hate on you lot but i swear this whole site just shows sly pictures of everything you lot have done and i swear you said ozone was what made graff shit? I think everyone would agree making a self promoting blog is a lot shitter than ozone smashing yards and taking out people he had beef with mmmmm sela np

  3. Writing your name on a wall is self promotion. we are not being sly, its right here, but we still got next.

    As a rule we try not to comment on topics anymore but... regardless of whatever people say about us and everything we do we respect all writers out there regardless of beefs or past issues its all the game and its made us who we are.

    This blog isnt a comparison to anyone doing anything out their standard.

    R.I.P Ozone

  4. The blog is an ATG blog, move on if you don't like it!

    That comment about Ozone? you need to get off of grafflondon website mate.

    Big up ATG and their horses.

    RIP ozone

  5. Anonymous8.9.09

    mate one of atg said it to my face dont act like you actully know anything mug

  6. Anonymous8.9.09

    one of atg?

  7. Anonymous15.9.09

    he means some one from atg
    fuck atg rip ozone oldy rizer

  8. Anonymous15.9.09

    Yes I know that you fucking degenerate,

    Which "one of atg?"

    fuck atg blabla rip blablabla

  9. Anonymous18.9.09

    Its plain wrong saying fuck xxx and then write up peoples names who have passed away. Who are you to carry that shit on off there name. atg had a completely minor beef with ozone rip, wasnt even them who had the beef in the first place shit got totally blown up, I watched it all happen, now hitting up rizer rip who was mates with atg for years...

    Dont cast a shadow of hate around people who arent here to talk for themselves, and if you dont understand that your an idiot.