Wednesday, 23 December 2009

RTour 2010

We comon tambien make involved si!
que hora es? 5 a clocky please danke.

Looks like some super spy knight rider business with satellite gps and stealth submarine shit and at the end we will all escape on a speedboat..... Count us in crew team


  1. Anonymous25.12.09

    Sponsorship? Tour???

    It's not an extreme sport.

    For a few people grafitti is still a way of life. It's a subculture with rules that people live and show respect for. If ATG are really still about the grafitti theyed do well to seperate themselves from these fakers, and stop promoting this fucking mockery of our culture.

    Real Talk.

  2. Anonymous26.12.09

    atg aint sponsered by molotow piss take haha speed boats Intro on a jetski lol

  3. Anonymous26.12.09

    What are RT doing

  4. Anonymous27.12.09

    they're travelling round the world to paint graffiti...and they get to do it for free...sounds pretty good to me. you fucking slack jawed hater faggots

  5. Anonymous30.12.09

    Unoriginal styles from RT lame ass painting by numbers graffiti. Go hug some balls on your euro trip.

  6. Anonymous30.12.09

    RT are sick