Friday, 29 January 2010


Remember these chaps? know, the ones who lied about the reasons we needed to invade Iraq? Then proceeded to give the go ahead for the place to be flattened, murdering thousands of innocent people? Yeah.....So that our nation, and that other huge one that was run by an inbred chimp could gain control in the middle east? No?.....yoooou knoooow the guys that, as a result turned our country into a police state to "protect us" from our new "terrorist" friends?.....Well guess what? These naughty rascals might get a stern telling off for that little fuck-up!........Funny that innit?.........LOCK EM UP!

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  1. Anonymous30.1.10

    true dat!
    can't believe that one day kids might be learning history and reading about blair and his role in keeping democracy and freedom alive and all that bollocks! and it's all lies!
    we need to help make sure that doesn't happen!
    beacuase it's all happening in our life time and we must ensure one day stories which are told are true!