Monday, 8 February 2010

George King

We have posted a few sketches and photo's before from George King AKA "Hate" who was killed just over 3 years ago while out painting on railway tracks. He left behind a child and girlfriend and he is sorely missed by many. Recently he has been on my mind, im not really sure why. Today when looking through some of his work again I saw this sketch and I thought of what it would have looked like if he had finished it and in turn what he would be doing now if he was still with us. Although I have posted some before im going to be posting them again from time to time. Everyone has lost people close to them and sometimes its good just to sit back and think about the good times you shared together and laugh a little. RIP George and to the many other writers who died doing what they loved the most. Peace be with you.

It is also a reminder and warning of how dangerous it can be out there. Ive never met a single writer who really lived for illegal graffiti for any period of time who has not been or come extremely close to being badly hurt or even killed.


  1. Anonymous8.2.10

    much love x

  2. Anonymous9.2.10

    sick sketch.... you should paint it.

  3. Anonymous10.2.10

    This is deep RIP