Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Learning with ATG

An email was forwarded to us of some media marketing swine learning course incorporating us into there bullshit adverts. Look at this twat go!

Twatch: "oh yes, ill change it now miss.. sorry!"
Teacher: "well done!, your learning things"
"Twatch: Yay! im going to work in Shoreditch"

At least he is using a Mac, because anyone using a PC is dirty and probably poor. 


  1. Your a cunt! I don't even know where the fuck you found that photo....

    I'm glad you still manage to entertain yourself on a daily basis though, you must be bored..

  2. Anonymous17.2.10

    Wheres this from?
    He looks like a bender.

  3. Anonymous17.2.10


  4. Anonymous18.2.10

    That dude looks like a proper bell end, yeah. But how can you really parr man off when he's putting money in ya bank accounts? aye?

    You lot are the ones that tried to create a street wear brand and have now sold out so maybe you should check your selves.

    Face it, i've seen bare donkeys rocking ATG shirts, why would you buy ATG clothing unless your being a beg or trying to be "cool" you boys have killed it on the graff scene but fuck me starting a clothing line was wrong.

  5. Anonymous18.2.10

    ^^ ur missin a trick bro, thats there boy in the shot

  6. Anonymous18.2.10

    To the annonymous fool....

    1. That guy your calling a bell end is a good friend, the jokes obviously over your head

    2.we can put symbols on whatever we like cos we are ATG and we've never cared what other people think. Yes we've done our thing on the graff scene and if we want to we'll do our thing on the norwegian folk scene cos it's our world boy!

    3.if starting a clothing line is wrong then whats right? sitting on your hands waiting for someone else to make up the rules for you? you see my point....
    our clothes represent a movement, stop seeing everything in a cynical light you little fascist.

    4.the term "selling out" is as over used and meaningless these days as the term "urban".
    We do not hold hands or accept assistance from any big corporations and we never compromise what we do for money, if we did those things you might have a little withered leg to stand on.Making a living out of doing stuff you love should be your goal aswell my friend.

    keep up the support fanboy and next time leave your real name cos anonymous views hold no weight ....Mr.P x