Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A letter from Deejay Steaz

I am currently in Palestine working on Graffiti art projects with young people.

We have projects planned this week and next, with a youth centre in a refugee camp in Nablus, where we plan to paint the school.

In Jenin where we should be painting right in the city centre.

Also in a kindergarden in a refugee camp in Jericho

As well as several other projects, which i cannot mention at this point but which will be very very positive.

All the projects are NON-political or religious, they are simply a way to give young people a voice, a form of expression and a way to escape from the daily struggles they face here, giving them not only a day to remember, but also helping them create something beautiful for the community, in which everyone can share for many years whilst the murals remain.

We have already been donated 100 cans of spraypaint by a company called Montana in Barcelona, and another 20 cans and some art supplies from a graffiti shop in Tel Aviv called Capzoola.
All flights and expenses have been paid for by myself..and im a student so u know im broke ;)
We would like to try and get at least another 30 cans but if possible 50 to enable us to paint as many walls as possible in the time we have. The price of the cans here is quite expensive approximately 6 English Pounds each..

So we are asking if any of you lovely people would be prepared to donate some money towards these projects? even 1 pound is good.. What i plan to do is spend the last money i have in my bank account ( which is for my rent at home ) to buy some more paint, and then replace it with any donations we get. I will collect the donations when i return to London. And if more money is donated than has been spent, this will not be collected, so we are not making any profit or surplus money etc..

ALTERNATIVELY - if there is anyone who wants to donate from overseas or via the internet you can make donations via PAYPAL.COM - make payments to this email -


and please send or post a message on here to let me know that you have made a donation via Paypal so we can take account of it when buying the paint.

I know this is not a registered charity, or NGO etc.. but sometimes in life u just gotta get up and do things..and i am sure for those of you that know me, I hope, think of me as being honest and trustworthy.

When I return to London in 2 weeks I will make a blog and post all the photos and stories so u can see what we have been doing here and where any donations have gone.

If you would like to donate anything, please simply leave a comment below stating how much u would like to donate and I will contact you when i'm back in the UK

Thankyou all so much for taking time to read this

Have a wonderful week, I hope the sun is shining for you, inside and out :) <3

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