Thursday, 13 May 2010

Say it aint so...... just say it aint so???

Woo hoo juicy expose'? on Hurt You Blud.
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  1. Anonymous14.5.10

    I was speechless when I saw this this-morning.
    Credibility on a knife-edge.

  2. Anonymous14.5.10


  3. Anonymous14.5.10

    known about this for years....suprised no-one had called him out until now.Well there we

  4. Anonymous14.5.10

  5. Anonymous14.5.10

    “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” - Pablo Picasso

  6. Anonymous14.5.10

    That M&S thing might be a bite, might not. The insa/bellmer thing on hurtyoubad is a pretty much exact copy, done at the beginning of a career devoted predominantly to churning out variations of what is obviously someone else's idea..
    If M&S spend the next ten years making nothing but those patterns then it might be similar.

  7. Anonymous14.5.10

    there's no point trying to bring picasso in to this........he stole someopnes work and made it his own without ever mentioning the original artist. Fraud......simple.

  8. Anonymous14.5.10

    I wonder where he bit the 'Poof in a beret' look from?

  9. Anonymous14.5.10

    ^^^ LOL AT THAT 1

  10. Anonymous14.5.10

    M&S always rip people off cos they're a huge corporation that could'nt give a fuck about artists,lets not forget the mighty monkey rip off kids clothes.
    If Insa considers him self a brand with no morals then he's got nothing to worry about,but if he considers himself an artist, then this is a shit fucking move.

  11. Anonymous14.5.10

    I dont think he ever kept it a secret

  12. Anonymous15.5.10

    Now he can go back to letters had anoth of dem heels shit

  13. Anonymous15.5.10

    I cant even beleive this... there is no excuse. Exposed.

  14. Anonymous16.5.10

    He bigged up the original artists on his first piece like this..

  15. Anonymous16.5.10

    biting is obviously not excepted in graff but in the art world its what they do.....

    if he was open about 'taking influence'when creating the heels then he hasn't lied or deceived anyone, or tried to pass off somthing as his own.

    also this is really old news.

  16. Anonymous16.5.10

    ^thats bullshit^

    so would it be ok if someone took a ralph steadman illustration and painted it everywhere and built a career off it? or just started painting keith haring stuff everywhere? no. and it would'nt work cos people would know you'd stolen it and u would'nt get props. but luckily for insa this artist is pretty unknown so the world has been like wow insa's heels are so cool! imagine this poor artist was alive and stumbled across insa's website? she would be absolutely horrified....he's paraded around the world selling this as his own, doing commissions everywhere of an image that was not created by him.Everyone knows art is recycled but this a whole different thing were talking about. It's awful.

  17. Anonymous17.5.10

    I dont get this. The fucking peice says its an ode to Belmer on the bottom. Does that mean that the whole graffiti community are a bunch of frauds as they copied some people in New York?

  18. Anonymous17.5.10

    ^are u serious?^.......

    i cant believe anyone would even argue this case.........graffiti is a movement mate.
    it would be fraudulent if someone made their name by stealing an unknown 70's bronx writers whole exact name and style and painted trains with it all over the world, yes.
    Being influenced by artists from a certain era is one thing but directly stealing an individuals work is's pretty simple.

  19. Anonymous17.5.10

    It does say ode at the bottom so he's not hiding the fact it's a copy and his other pieces with heels in are different. Bellmer would probably be quite flattered that someone likes and has variated a piece of his work. Its not as if this is anything like Bellmer....

  20. Anonymous17.5.10

    yeah this is old news- i would say i have read him mention the old artist in most interviews i've seen- this is from his site see the second question:

  21. Anonymous18.5.10

    really old news, it all looks like shit anyway

  22. Anonymous18.5.10

    hahaha its so obviously insa writing all these responses.

  23. Anonymous18.5.10

    i still don't get why he stopped painting letters!
    All his new stuff is just for girls...though i can't complain about this new piece

  24. Anonymous21.5.10

    insa is shit anyway

  25. Anonymous27.5.10

    Embarassing and weak. This is a case of Insa clearly stealing Bellmer's work. Thought Insa was better than this, clearly not. Better find another money spinner - that heels crap is well out dated. Tut tut tut shaking of head etc.