Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Chop 1994, Mr.p 2010 NW5


  1. Anonymous9.6.10

    Fuck the buff, take plots back.

  2. Anonymous10.6.10

    that aint a buff, thats called history. its just fading away.

  3. Anonymous10.6.10

    the buff will always fail

  4. Anonymous13.6.10

    the buff is winning. the london scene is dieing.
    this is what writers that used to paint full colours at banging rooftop plots have resorted to, painting pictueres of people sticking there thumbs up...

  5. Anonymous13.6.10

    positive message thumbs up, panik can paint what the fuck he likes

  6. Anonymous14.6.10

    "the buff is winning.the london scene is dieing."

    my mans obviously been around for 5 minutes. the buff never wins because it's too easy and too much fun to go and slap up fresh shit on painted walls and its costs too much and is too boring having to constantly re-paint over it.
    The buff works for a period but never wins....just look at the north london line.How many times has that been buffed and then bombed again?'s too easy