Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bassline Circus tent and London Underground stage's being built.

We where at G this year for 8 days... still paying for it now in many ways, cross your fingers for us please, serious...

That was a real old northern line tube cut up (Edgware branch) sticking out of that, it ended up being a council flat with a tube crashing into it.... basically next year were playing that stage even if we have to full on raid the cunt. Will get shots of it when it was finished soon.


  1. Anonymous6.7.10

    oh my god! i was at glastonbury this year - i loved this!! i was just lookin at street art and found a link to this page, never knew you were the same people - this is so awesome! love it :)

  2. Anonymous28.7.10

    did you manage to get a set then?? Steaz had a set there on the saturday night i think....f**king live!