Saturday, 3 July 2010

RackNruin "Soundclash" Ep Video

" Serious tunage has just hit the shelves in the shape of RacknRuin’s new EP. The unmistakeable flavour of UK garage runs through the entire EP, but each synth sound has been shaped with such love & care, so that the rawness of the genre is replaced by slick and smooth production throughout. Every tune on here is playable, whether you prefer the all-out carnage of the title track “Soundclash” with its insane mashed up jungle breakbeats (watch the video above), or the deeper, emotionally-charged vibe of “Deep & True”, which comes in a breaksy or a housey version. If you like your straight breaks with a garage flavour, then “Midnight Loving” is for you. Play this on faithful monitor speakers, and the purity of the sounds is really quite astounding, while the vocal line resembles liquid gold.

I cannot recommend this EP enough – forget choosing, indulge yourself and grab the whole release – it’s a mini arsenal of bassline-house in itself! Go grab at Beatport right now (click here). " NOISE PORN

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