Monday, 23 August 2010

Right Here!

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  1. Anonymous23.8.10

    haha possibly my new favourite website!

    "oh man i got so wasted last night over at sam swifts pad and that crazy chick angie arson was dancing around to M.I.A topless in the living room with all her new tats out and i think vice were there getting photos anyway i did like a huge line of special k and could'nt get my feet on to my fixie pedals cos my shoes were too pointy and so did'nt make it down to work at conrads coffee house until like midday so i copped a quick latte and chilled the fuck out!...seriously man i think i might have to go back to my rents in bollockshire next weekend, Lo Fi's getting too much these days since all these new hipsters started moving in and spoiling it 10 minutes after we did"