Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Thankyou Ashes!!!!

One of the most stress full days of my life really. LOL. Im sorry if you didnt get in or assumed you could rock up with ten of your mates and get in for free because Ive chatted to you twice at some rave once upon a time, this party cost me a lot and due to very many unforeseen circumstances it almost went very wrong thats why i was being a bit of a ruthless prick on the day I apologise. 5th day on the trot with 45 mins sleep, riots, beef blablabla..... Still sick!

monday night (Tick)

Thanks for to all the DJ's who came down and supported, sorry to those who got stuck in the madness and couldnt make it down. Carnival is a straight madness! xx

Last shot is of the feds doing a full area shutdown because our party and the immediate outdoors was going off too dam hard and they couldnt lowe it, they locked the door to our party and just moved everyone single person on the street off and away.... C**ntz

Full album from Ashes57 and much more of her work over at flickr

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  1. Anonymous12.9.10

    Wicked photos and a wicked night!

    Shame about the piggys tho!

    Hope your going to be doing one next year!