Monday, 27 September 2010

From then til' now...

Collaboration with Kung-Fu London. The old home of UK Hip-Hop 2005

Collaboration with Rogue Status/DTA LA 2008

Collaboration with Rogue Status/DTA LA 2009

Collaboration with Addict clothing UK 2010


  1. Where's the rest P?

    Black n red ldn, grey ldn?


  2. Anonymous28.9.10

    ...five years going and yet still I have absolutely no desire to wear a garment in support of some weird poshboy "urban collective".

  3. ^10 years going of envious,frustrated bitching, but still nothing said to our faces? Glad to see we're still doing our job properly, we missed you mr wank in the dark. p

  4. Brunt29.9.10

    Attack The Goverment??? By purchasing a cotton garment with a slogan almost certainly cheaply mass produced in a poor third world country, probably by a child or teenager earning pennies for a 12 hour+ day?

    Yeah that'll bring the walls of the authority tumbling down!

  5. nah it was printed in the US.

    You dont know us,and if you did you wouldnt come with that shit i promise you.

  6. Brunt1.10.10

    actually mate I wasn't talking about the printing I was talking about the t-shirt manufacturing.

    Where are the shirts originally made and which company manufactures them? Not the suppliers, but the manufacturers.

    It's a good bet they originate from a third world country employing unethical production methods as if they were ethically made they'd cost a lot more and you wouldn't be making a profit at your prices which is all this really boils down to so no need to get on the defensive.

    I'd respect you more if you were just honest about it as selling most manufactured products at a reasonable rate is inherently fraught with moral issues. But when you're daubing consumer products with anti establishment slogans you're just been hypocritical by actively enabling these structures to continue by funding them.

    You're best off just sticking to emblazoning your logo across the shirts rather than offering social commentary for cash for faux rebellion.

  7. Anonymous3.10.10

    hahaha who the hell is this cock? that is one of the weakest arguments i have ever heard. I bet almost every single person at a human rights demo will be wearing a garment made in a third world country...unfortunately there is no getting around it. Without noticing everyone is in some way contributing to a twisted capitalist system. You need to get a life mate or perhaps do something to actually change the world we live in instead of getting angry about a t-shirt you've seen on a blog.

  8. Brunt4.10.10

    Erm seems my point has gone over your head chief. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy behind that shirt's statement when it's just another product to be bought with a rather empty sentiment.

    Maybe ATG should stick to selling their brand rather than getting pseudo political?

    If my statement was weak, how pointless does ithat make you responding to it on a blog you saw?

  9. Do you want a cuddle?