Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Too much....

Know it's already done the rounds but felt it had to make an appearance here as it is comic genius. Just found out that the guy who made it's been scouted by the BBC...who needs a fucking CV hey?
I am also very proud to point out that i feature in it, standing in front of my throw-up at approximately 0:01 seconds! I can now sleep easy at night.....god i love my life as a dickhead.


  1. Don't fret brothers! If you are originally from within the M25.... no sorry, we mean Zone 3, you are exempt!!! "Dickheaditus trendiclatus" only effects Bumpkins.... ; )

  2. Anonymous16.9.10

    For real.....Londoners are rarely caught up in this horrible world of formatted urban lifestyle....we leave the hipster clowning to the home counties kids in a 3 square mile radius of east.