Monday, 18 October 2010

ATG now stocked at Seven store Bristol

60 Park row, Park street avenue, Bristol BS1 5LE


  1. barney19.10.10

    Seriously, It's shit like this, and that LATE Addict collab you lot did that makes people think you lot are desperate sell outs. Can't you find a better boutique? In BRISTOL a city of trendy boutiques!

    That shop sells fake nike, grey stock (no one decent will give them an account) charity shop Ralph and kicks straight outta TK Maxx with the prices hiked. One time they took a pair of dunks and un stiched the Swoosh, then tried to pass that shit off as excloose!

    Still if you shift a few more tees who gives a fuck right? Who needs integrity.

  2. Barney....Do you honestly think that letting some friends sell our clothes in their shop in bristol is us compromising our integrity? It is a very small detail in a whole world of stuff we do.
    Streetwear beef and politics is'nt really our thing fella.Do you think we care about you or the coolest boutiques in Bristol? Go cry somewhere else you complete minor. Thanks x

  3. Anonymous5.11.10

    I got an ATG tee there and it was great