Sunday, 17 October 2010


So far the Tories have cut NHS funding massively, putting a halt on nearly 50% of all planned developments in that department. Massive cuts on the benefit system, with a new law about to be passed where if you make 3 mistakes or "false claims" on your dole application you will be cut off from all benefits for 3 years, which of course would see slum's appear left right and centre and desperate people looking into a world of crime! This is apparently to save our tax money yet i wait for the day the sun publish figures of exactly how much tax money our country could be getting from all the Upper-class who squirrel their money away in off shore bank accounts to avoid tax. They have already placed massive cuts in education, 11 schools in Camden have had re-building and development funds cut off which i'm sure is the same in boroughs across the country aswell as youth centres being closed rapidly nationwide. They have got rid of the British film assosciation and are about to put in place extreme cuts in art funding which is undoubtedbly going to see galleries closing down and projects dissapearing.Transport fares are of course going up.... Basically the list goes on, it's all cuts cuts cuts so that no money will be "wasted" and we can all concentrate on raising cash to help the rich get richer while the people who need it most suffer in an unforgiving world. Neighbouring France have already gone so far right that the left is just a pin prick in the distance, throwing all Romany Gypsies out of the country and banning the burkha on muslim women! did no one learn from old Adolf? I seriously hope our country doesn't get lead down a similar path of extreme right politics but it is fair to say we are entering a new era in Britain and it is looking shit, far worse than anything under new labour! Using the recession as their shield, in under 6 months the Conservative party have actively begun taking our country apart, attacking areas that post-war Labour worked hard to put in place in order to try and achieve a basic level of welfare and equality in this country, starting with the NHS. One thing that can be taken from all this is the reminder to work for each other in order to make things happen, use your talents to help and campaign within your local community to try and fill the voids our Government creates. Another thing to take from this all of this, is that if you voted Tories you are a misguided fucking prick! Mr.p


  1. Wow, what a monday morning rant.

    For a start, the Tories are trying to repair the massive financial mess New Labour has worked hard achieving. Cuts are real and happening only because the previous government was spending beyond its means. There would be no need to make cuts if Labour hadn't overspent on publice services we now take for granted. Everybody has to tighten belts in a recession and those services you mentioned are only feeling the squeeze and closing because they were funded with money the British government couldn't afford to spend. Cuts aren't only happening in education, health and arts. They're happening across the board and to then lead your comments on to suggesting that ethnic cleansing is what would naturally follow shows you to be as misguided as those you accuse of voting Tory.

  2. Of course im not suggesting genocide would be the outcome of the tories.I'm left wing not a mental patient.With regards to what is going on in France and my comments is simply look what a mess was made by Nazi Germany following politics based on racial prejudice and national pride.Nothing like that will ever happen again in modern europe but it should still be highlited as a cautionary reference when extreme right wing parties start throwing races out of their countries and under law, discriminating against certain religions.
    My point is that it is scary being under a right wing government in this country with a government like frances next door.While the tories whole twist is that they are coming to save the day from the mess new Labour made, we are about to see things get a whole lot worse for everyone accept for the upper-class and big buisness capitalists that run this country and that has always been the conservative agenda recession or no recession. p

  3. Josh MG18.10.10

    @anon - Are you working class? Im gonna take a wild guess and say no. The simple fact of the matter here is that the cuts being made are directed at the lower/working class and unless you are one of us you will not understand. I can tell you as an individual from a working class family things are very fucking tough right now and being made a whole lot worse by Cameron and Co. The Tories are taking food out of the mouths of ppl like my family. Sit there and bang on about what has to be done in order to get this country back on a firm financial footing whilst you live on mummy and daddy's allowance. Unless you rely on those benefits and public services that are being cut you have absolutely no fucking idea of our reality.

  4. Anonymous18.10.10

    fuck the torries, big up the post!

  5. Anonymous19.10.10

    Josh, is Panik working class?

    Hahah NO

    fuck the tories and fuck new labour, as cunty and posh as each other.

  6. Josh MG19.10.10

    Frankly with the opinion voiced it wouldnt matter whether Panik is scraping by on the doll or living it up in a hampstead mansion. Simple.

    Also @ the first comment - The recession is a massive issue but The Tories have always used the finances of this country as an umbrella issue to effectively further fuck up the lives of the working class and underprivileged. Its obvious for most to see who arent living on mummy and daddys money that ppl in real need are being royally fucked up the arse by a brutally unforgiving Government right now. We're supposed to just lie back and think of England yeah...

  7. Hellfire Klub30.10.10

    People seem to forget; the reason we have a crisis is not because of overspending, John Major was spending more then New Labour, it is because the bankers spent all their money and then twisted the arms of government to make the public pay.
    Its a joke that anybody accepts the lies the Eton schoolboys are touting as they cleanse the capital of 200,000 of the poorest and begin the systematic descaling of everything that provides us with a future.
    It looks bleak unless we get organized, and that means getting down to the picket lines for the FBU and NUJ on the 4th and the 5th of November. Agitating in our universities, schools, and workplaces, and pretty much getting the numbers together for another poll tax "protest" (of the scale that bought down Thatcher).

    Let the trains run what the mainstream press won't.

  8. Anonymous5.11.10

    fuck the bankers
    fuck the guvernment