Tuesday, 9 June 2009


First off read the post below this. Shoot your mouths off I say, beauty of blogs are that you are free to air your opinions- anonymously or not, free of libel and with response. Though don't work yourselves up too much, smashing your laptop up in a rage is not a strong look doggies and it is just the internet.

Secondly, a wise ol herb merchant said that I should clarify after this particular post that A- I'm not a graff writer...I mean, umm, I write but just not on walls yeah? and B- I'm female which would pretty much exclude me anyway. (See THAT kind of boys club mentality I would like explained but ATG letting me write for them is all very bless.)

So to reiterate I'm expressing my opinion from the outside looking in and definitely not speaking on behalf of ATG. From here on in less whinging more nicely written realness for you to read- stories, bios, interviews and not solely on ATG...cos they're like busy rolling in piles of cash and paying high class hoes to practice erotic-asphyxiation with them...probably.

Jo Fuertes-Knight
writer/miserable bitch/ owner of a vagina


  1. Anonymous9.6.09

    well dun girl

  2. Anonymous10.6.09

    a woman? with an opinion? using different colours in the text?
    goodness gracious

  3. cleared things up more

  4. Yes mate, I was gonna use more colours and italics and post pictures of kittens but that would leave me less time to think about boys and my menstrual cycle.

  5. Anonymous16.6.09

    "THAT kind of boys club mentality I would like explained"

    As everyone knows, the only graffiti worth looking at is illegal, and preferably on a train. For some reason, either through nature or nurture, girls aren't as inclined to break the law (unless they have a drug habit) as men. In a culture such as graffiti where respect is earned through what you do girls are never going to get that respect unless they paint loads of trains. Which, with very few exceptions, they don't. So the reason there is a boy's club mentality is that over 99% of people involved in the sort of graffiti worth doing are male. It's not a 'boy's club mentality' that excludes girls - it's their own unwillingness to break the law or put themselves in physical danger that excludes them.
    Now get your tits out, cook my dinner, suck my cock, etc etc etc...

  6. Anonymous7.7.09

    pengers but jumps on any dick to get ahead. make a line lads!